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Structural Fabrication

  It’s a classification of steel used to make building materials, such as beams, rails, and bars. The specific properties of structural fabrication may be targeted to influence a structure’s longevity and improve the safety of those within it.

  Our fabricators are highly skilled and experienced in what they do and that’s how we have been delivering the best structural steel products and services to all our clients.


Decorative Railings

Our railings can help you keep your family safe on staircases while providing your home with elegance and functionality. Every one of our customers can expect functional and affordable iron railing for balconies, staircases, and handrails. Our experienced and well-trained craftsmen are dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Every product we fabricate is done in our very own shop. 



Security should be beautiful and functional. That's why when you decide on someone to fabricate your ironwork; you should trust someone like us. Whether you need to repair or replace a broken gate and need it to match the existing iron, require a completely new installation, our experienced fabricators will walk you through the process. You'll be amazed at the result.


Ornamental Fabrication 

  Designing with ornamental iron creates interest and architectural detail to a wide variety of projects from traditional to modern designs. We handle the concept, fabrication, and installation of ornamental iron and wrought iron gates, fences, stairways and railings, doorways, pool gates, and more. From simple to elegant or outrageous, if you dream it, we can build it.

Automotive Fabrication

  We have the tools and materials to ensure that your vehicle is everything you want. We can create custom bumpers, trims, custom sheet metal pieces, and more to give your ride the look you want. Whether you want to revamp a classic car or you want to upgrade your current one, make sure to call us first for specialized fabrication services.


Custom Trailers

T6 Metal Worx custom trailer offers endless custom possibilities! We are here to help you customize a specialty trailer that is right for you. We have custom race and hauling trailer experience, so you can show up every time to the track or the show with the coolest trailer there! 

Our staff's knowledge of trailers and mass experience in custom fabrication keeps our customers happy and on the road! 


Rail Sides

We have the experience needed to give you quicker and more cost-effective services. We have a fully equipped workshop and can carry out repairs for all types. We cover all aspects of steelwork, fabrication, and welding. Our technicians are certified welders and fabrication experts that are capable of designing and fabricating anything you can imagine.



We provide you with the highest quality flatbeds on the market, but we have a team of experts that is dedicated to ensuring that your flatbed is installed properly and working correctly. We have the capabilities of installing a wide variety of products, and we take pride in the fact that we can provide the highest quality of work for your vehicles.

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